The original Oslo Ghost Walk

What are the strange shadows appearing on the walls in the old restaurant? What are the crying voices you sometimes hear at Akershus fortress?

During the last thirteen years, this creepy and exciting walk has become very popular, and it was the first ghostwalk ever in Norway! Oslo is more than 1000 years old, and its history is filled with horrifying stories, ranging from the time of the vikings to bloody battles between our neighbouring countries. On the other hand, many joyful and happy events have also taken place here. Some of these old, historic events have left hidden and mysterious traces. And some of the souls of the old times, may very well still be here, waiting, lingering...

Join us on this historic and at times creepy walk through the streets of old Christiania and Akershus fortress! This will be an evening you will never forget!!!

Length: 2 hours.

Tickets are sold directly (cash or Vipps) from our guide and cost:

  • Adults: NOK 200.-
  • Seniors/ Students/ Children: NOK 100.-
  • You can also book a private walk for yourself or/and your group. Contact us for prices. Tel: +47 41318740 or email:

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